“Too often in television, female characters are reduced to one-dimensional archetypes, barely distinguishable from one another, while in the real world, women are subjected to sweeping (and insulting) generalizations. By making its heroes clones, Orphan Black forces the viewer to recognize that though women might share a lot in common genetically, every woman is a distinctively complex individual. In fact, by highlighting the differences between the clones, Orphan Black demonstrates how crucial environment can be in shaping individuals and — especially in the case of Helena — the importance of shaping an environment that actively supports women, rather than degrades them.”

TV’s Most Important Political Debate Is Happening Right Now on Orphan Black



guys but what if one day cosima comes home after school or something with a puppy that she just rescued while she was passing the vet and when she arrives home delphine is sleeping on the couch so cosima quietly puts the puppy in top of her and the puppy sniffs her before licking the tip of her…